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If you are dusting your equipment down after several months in the loft, or you have some scrapes and scratches you wanting taking care of, our BASE Workshop servicing wizards will take care of it!

Rates and information on the standard services we offer are below. Various other repairs are available on request. Bring in your skis or board to the techs so they can give you an accurate quote and timescale on the job.


Rates & Info:



To know when it is time to get your kit waxed you have to look at the base. Get your equipment waxed if the colours start to look faded, you may also have some white marks appearing next to your edges.

EDGE & WAX £25

Edges dull over time.  If your edges just don't seem to be gripping or responding as fast as you would like, it is probably time to get them sharpened. If you are into freestyle and hit a lot of rails it is not always a great idea to have you edges razor sharp.


You might spot a few scratches on your base, these scratches will cause friction with the snow/snowflex and will slow you down. A base grind will reduce these and allow your equipment to ride to its full potential again. Also included in our basic service is an edge sharpen and hot wax.


The difference between the basic service and the full service comes down to the depth of the scratches on the base of your ski or snowboard. If you are able to catch your finger nail on the scratch it may need to be filled with a base material. You also get all the benefits of a basic service.


This service is mainly for skiers due to having to drill into the ski. If you have a snowboard and are not sure how set up your bindings, angles, forward lean or what stance, bring it in and receive help from a member of our staff.


Race tuning involves sharpening and smoothing your edges with our diamond files, base preparation followed by a double hot wax with our Magma wax, all finished with a coat of Zardoz to make your skis performance last longer. Our workshop standard is 1 degree base bevel and 90 degree edge angle but we can change this to suit your requirements.

END OF SEASON SERVICE £30 (£35 incl minor base repairs)

Many snowsports enthusiasts come straight off their last snow trip and leave their wet equipment in the loft or in a warm store cupboard over the summer, heat slowly dries the base out and damages the board and moisture creates rust that will weaken and corrode your edges. With our end of season service, we leave your edges rust free and leave the wax on. Then all you need to do is give your base a quick scrape when the new season starts. Easy!

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